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Seller’s Guide

selling a home can seem like a stressful undertaking but being prepared and understanding the process ahead of time will make it go just a little bit smoother. We want all of our sellers to be well-equipped, understand the process, and feel comfortable about their move. While each home is unique and requires different staging and set up, here are some of the basics that can be applied to any home sale.

Listing agent.

Even before preparing your home it’s important to enlist the help of the listing agent. This is a licensed real estate agent, Realtor®, or broker that has the authority to list the property on the MLS and offer tips and suggestions on staging and marketing the home. It’s imperative to go with the listing agent that is well-qualified for your area and is seasoned and experienced in the real estate industry. Pricing a home is a delicate process and amateur agents may not understand all the nuances to pricing a home correctly the first time and what buyers are really looking for. Experience matters when it comes to choosing the right listing agent.

Preparing the home.

As we mentioned earlier, each home is unique so preparing your home may require different tactics than another. Does the home need updating, upgrading, new appliances, certain repairs, different colors, staging, or landscaping? While there are about 100+ different tips and ideas to marketing and preparing a home, each home will have its own unique requirements. This is where our agents come in. We can help discuss what your home needs to get the most profit from the sale.

Pricing the home.

Pricing the home goes along with preparing the home for sale. The more attractive it is to buyers, the more valuable it becomes. While you can always sell a home as-is, if you’re planning on the most profit possible, it will take some effort and planning. Pricing a home correctly from the beginning is crucial. Markets can change day by day and month by month so it’s important to understand the market, the neighborhood, and whether the price high, low, or right at market value.


We understand that this is your personal home so emotions can run high, especially when you receive a lowball offer, but remember that buyers are just trying to get the best deal as well. Keeping your emotions at bay and being flexible with buyers will help get the home sold quickly and efficiently. Discuss every offer with your real estate agent to determine how to either counteroffer, reject, or accept the offer.

Planning, prepping, and staging as well as pricing, marketing, and selling can definitely be a whirlwind of emotions. Understanding the process and having a great listing agent by your side answering questions and holding your hand through the process will make it much easier overall. Contact our office at any time to get started on the home selling process.